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A longing to satisfy a Holy hunger

A theme for this year and also for this Aspire DTS is this longing to satisfy a Holy hunger. The question I felt the Lord asked me:

"At what point are you so satisfied in your relationship with me that you stop pursuing me?"

"Never!" I thought to myself, we are satisfied in Christ but never stopping in wanting more of the Lord.

This update is a recap of the months January-March. The works God has been doing, the life lessons I've been learning and what I have been doing while serving at YWAM Trentino


In the months leading up to the Discipleship Training School, I was learning how to prepare. Preparation can happen fast and effectively, or slow and passive. I learnt a lot about myself during this time in how I like to prepare things. I love Spiritually preparing, praying, reading the Bible, and getting God's heart for the school and this upcoming season. Then when it comes to practical preparation, I'm slower and have a tendency to procrastinate.

But you see God is not only in the "Spiritual", but He is also in the practical. Making the division in my mind takes away the importance of more hands-on work. Praying for the school and getting God's heart for this season is important, but to be active in the Heavenly assignment that was given to me I need to be faithful in praying for the school and also doing the behind-the-scenes work (budgeting, organizing schedules, registering the school at the University of the Nations, ect..). I also have great community and mentorship at YWAM Trentino so I'm very thankful these preparations were not done alone, but in the community, as God was still building the Aspire DTS staff team that was to come.

Youth Group

There was a youth group that came from the Milano area to the La Busa valley (the mountain valley where YWAM Trentino is). I had the privilege to prepare teaching for them during their stay about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for our sins.

The teaching was about why Jesus' death on the cross had to happen, then going into the significance of the cross. At this time I felt to highlight that we are fully forgiven. Sometimes we feel insecure about the sacrifice on the cross so we try to come up with our own sacrifices to please God, but we don't have to. It is finished. Jesus just wants our hearts.

We then did an activity of letting go of things we've been holding onto because we hadn't given them to Jesus yet. Writing down some things on paper and covering them with red paint to symbolize that the blood of Jesus has paid for it and covered it. Walking in the freedom that Jesus paid for!

Then started the


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