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January Update

First month of DTS and what a month it's been! This month has been really great, the school has been going well and students are super engaged. Everyone has a real hunger to get to know God better and pursue Him intentionally. God is definitely number one in the school and when it comes to God or snowboarding all the students don't hesitate to miss a day on the hills which is so awesome to see! We love God so much more than snowboarding and that's the message we want to live. God is our priority in our lives but we just love to snowboard when we can as well. In the school that is really being lived out. Impacting the shred culture but keeping God first.

 After the students arrived, the crash into sleep happened immediately. A long day of travel and excitement about the new journey starting, tends to make people crash and that's exactly what happened. We have been praying for the students for months now and it is so fun to meet them!  After the crash that same night we got started the next day around noon to welcome them to Switzerland by going snowboarding/skiing. We had an awesome time, we have done some really exciting things in this first month and I am happy to share them with you!

In this newsletter I want to highlight a few impactful things of this month! 


The first program we had with the students was a worship service as a school. WOW what a way to start a school. The presence of God was so apparent. Freedom reigned in this building and we were just celebrating the Love of God! We were declaring prayers over the school. Surrendering all to God and giving him this time of DTS. Knowing that He is worthy of it all, and the passion that was here in the start has carried on from the start. It was really cool to see how on fire everyone is and the seriousness everyone has for this time. To truly get to know God better.

World Economic Forum/ Evangelism

This week was intense! So the third week of our DTS was focused on Evangelism. That was the topic of our week and what our guest speaker would be speaking on. That week we were out on the streets evangelising every single day. Five days straight we went out to spread the Love of Christ. We as a school talked to 217 people about God, prayed for 129 people. We even had some miracles unfold! God was working in some amazing ways that week. It was so encouraging to see all the students just going for it. Sharing the good news with people and influencers from all around the world was so encouraging to see.

 For me evangelism has always been a bit of a struggle. Sharing my faith with strangers on the street I find challenging. God has really put a passion on my heart this time to live out my faith. Not just evangelising when we have our planned hours for it but instead live a life of listening to God and evangelising when he asks me to during my daily life. The other day I got to pray for a woman with no legs during my time in town doing a recycling run. She was so encouraged that someone would take time out of their day to pray for her! It was so encouraging for me to be able to share the love of Jesus with her.


I have some exciting news, at the end of February we will be leading the school to Bosnia for a shorter two week mission trip. We will be running a snowboard camp there for youth and doing a YWAM conference as well while we are there. Then at the end of March another staff member and I will be leading a mission team of eight students to South Africa for twelve weeks! So we are in the process of praying and planning that stuff. If you could pray for wisdom in leading that and guidance that would be great.

 Thank you all again for supporting this mission God has called me to! I couldn't do it without your prayers and support! You guys are all in the missions field with me! I look forward to writing all of you in February. 

-Blessings, Lucas

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