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February Update (Baptism)

What an exciting month! The DTS is in full swing this month and everyone has definitely settled in and found their place here in Davos. The passion for God is burning bright, everyone is fully chasing after God.


During this time taking steps of obedience in your faith is always in pursuit. The students and staff are here with the main mission to intentionally seek after God, with all we have. The Bible speaks pretty clearly on baptism and the importance of being dead to your old life and born again. “Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.” Romans 6:4.  It's a public celebration of being a new creation! It's been so cool to see people being baptised and even getting to baptise my one on one. All staff have one on ones that we meet with weekly and spend time with them processing, encouraging and praying for them. So with my one on one he decided it was time to be baptised and take that new step of faith. So cool! All together four students (half the school) have been baptised during this time. In that though the other four have been baptised before the school, so it's really encouraging to see people taking that next step that's so important.


I'd like to quickly summarize what we have been digging into in February

Kingdom culture

Kingdom culture is all about having the kingdom now mindset. Not waiting to get to heaven to live out heaven on earth. Not waiting to die to meet Jesus, but remembering that we can meet Jesus here and now and bring heaven on earth. We have the Holy Spirit inside us! Our worship opens the Heavens and if we live a life of worship and joy, we're showing the kingdom on earth.

Spiritual Warfare and Identity in Christ

“Fear is Faith in the wrong God”

This week was all about not so much who you say you are, but who God says you are! We as humans are often our own worst critics and so hard on ourselves. Expecting the world from ourselves and when we don't meet the expectations we put on ourselves we feel disappointed and like we have let ourselves down. What does God say about us? Eph 1v3-14 has a really good message about who God says we are. We are blessed with every spiritual blessing, holy and blameless, etc… I encourage all of you who read this newsletter to read through those verses and pick out what God says about you!

Also in this week was spiritual warfare, learning how to stand in the identity that you have in Christ and come against the enemy. In Ephesians Paul is also talking about how we are seated in the Heavenly realms with Jesus already. Our spirit is up there, when realizing this and who we are in Christ makes us able to come against the devil when he tries to speak lies or tear us down in life. We can hold on to the truths God says about us and know where we are seated!

Father Heart of God

“Let love be your highest goal”

Father heart of God is a packed week of lectures! So much to take in and hear about when it comes to God's love for us. This week I will just highlight one thing that really stuck out to me.

When “it” hits the fan, will you explode or will it lead to life?

This question is kind of aimed at how solid your foundation is in Jesus. When all else goes wrong and trauma hits in your life, that's when something new comes out. It'll challenge you and show you where you're truly at with God. Do you still trust Him? Is He still good? Or has your perspective changed on who He is because life isn't the way you think it should be? This was a challenging question for me to hear personally. I realized that my perspective on God can change depending on the situation, when really God is unchanging, He is the same. It's been really good to be challenged with this question and grow in trust and love with God. God is love and his Heart is for us, not against.

What is next?

I'm pretty late on this update as it is April now and I'm updating you about February. Life has been very busy here at YWAM Davos. As you know previously in my January update we were supposed to be leaving in April to go to South Africa for our outreach as a school. Ten of us in total but now with the Covid-19 that has had to be canceled. A heart breaking moment to be ending the school early and sending the students home all in a matter of a few days but I will be doing a March update letter next week to be updating you all on the exciting things that happened in our school in March! God is good! That never changes.

-Blessings, Lucas

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