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Far From Home

After having a great time back in Canada connecting with family and friends I'm back in the mission! I'd like to just start off by saying thank you to everyone for encouraging and connecting with me in the time I was home and being available to hangout! It was really refreshing and encouraging. That made this time of leaving home the easiest one yet, feeling like being sent off into this new season encouraged and loved by everyone at home.

Arriving in Switzerland I went back to Ywam Davos to wrap things up there for this next season as I won't be there for the next six months. During those two weeks it was a time of reconnecting with friends, saying goodbye, cleaning up the house and packing all my belongings to head off to Italy for the new season. It was nice to be able to hangout all together before going in different directions.

We also had spent some time processing these last months in missions at Ywam Davos and how that has affected us with our school being canceled and having hard times being able to do missions in Switzerland. For myself it was a healing time where I could process the disappointments and hardships that I had gone through and then also see where God was really at work in myself and how He was really moving! So it was opening and healing to go through that process as a team and be really honest about how these last months have been.

I've been in Italy for a week! Coming to Italy has been a very building time of trust in the Lord. Traveling during covid has always been testing and coming to Italy brought some new worries and stress. God has been so faithful through everything though and has brought so much peace into being in Italy for this time and season. It's been really nice to see a new Ywam base and how they do life here. I'm really looking forward to growing in this time and being able to run a school for young people who are excited and on fire for the Gospel, seeking after God wholeheartedly and aspiring for life in abundance as Jesus talks about in John 10v10. We're going all in and I'm excited to update everyone on it. I'll be back to doing monthly updates so that everyone can come along on this beautiful journey!

-Be Blessed, Lucas K

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