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December 2019 "Prison Ministry"

December started out in a new way for us. We were given an opportunity that is very rare apparently in Switzerland. A church that we are close with in town was given the opportunity to do a Christmas service in a prison that is about an hour away. They came to us at YWAM Davos and thought that we would love to join them in this, and they were right. We packed up our car and headed off.  Including church members, we were around 20 people.

We arrived, unloaded and got our guest pass. The first thing to do was sit down and eat dinner with the inmates. We split up so only one of us was at each table.  We got to talk to and meet some really cool people! This was a new experience for me but very encouraging to be able to spread the love of Jesus with inmates. People who may not always feel loved. During dinner we were able to get to know some inmates better and encourage them to join us for the next program. 

Next on the agenda was to hold a Christmas service for the jail. We had a fun night of singing and clapping even broke out during the songs. There was a special guest speaker from Germany that shared his testimony of how he went from being a millionaire to becoming a wanted man, with FBI looking for him.  One night in his penthouse suite in Malibu God called him to come clean and use his life for the glory of God. His testimony moved many inmates. Once the service was over we handed out Bibles and Christmas gifts.

Something really cool that happened during the worship is that one of the staff in the YWAM team heard God say “God is for you, no matter where you go or what you do. Also I have great plans for you, you will do great things in my name.”. He felt like God was telling this to a prisoner, “but who God? Who is this for? Just point them out to me and i'll let them know” he asked. God told him “ Eugene”, “I've heard the name before but never met anyone with that name in my life, weird but okay God”. later we sat down for coffee with inmates who still wanted to hear more and chat. So Josiah (the YWAM staff that God spoke to) sat down next to a guy, introduced himself and the man replied “ nice to meet you Josiah, my name is Eugene”! So Josiah got to speak these words over this man.  Eugene was completely shocked and was moved. He was glowing after that and it was just so cool to see God move in that time.

Worship & Ride Dec30-Jan 2nd

YWAM Davos and Snowboarders & Skiers For Christ (SFC for short)  joined together to put on an event at the end of the year called Worship & Ride. This event was focused on getting people who are passionate about Jesus and the snowboard culture to come together and celebrate the new year! And what a cool time it has been. So many young people in Switzerland who are on fire for God and also being a light on the mountains. It's been a time of encouragement and joy as we all celebrate New Years together and join in every evening for praise and worship, and some dinner. 

Discipleship Training School

This month is the last time we have to prepare for the school coming up. We are so excited to have the students come to Davos and experience God in a new way! We have been praying for the students and school regularly. Spending our time wisely as we need to do a lot of things before school starts and time is winding up. Ultimately we are feeling prepared and encouraged as a staff team to put on an awesome school for the students coming. Finishing things off our To-do list daily and doing them to the best of our ability. The students deserve nothing less than the best!


Thank you all for the prayers and continued support! I feel very at peace with where God has called me in this time of my life and I see God working! I look forward to updating you next month once the school is up and running. 

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