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Back at it! July update

July Update

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've updated a blog but I'm excited to be more consistent with these updates and bring you, everyone, along in the missions God has called me to!

So what have I been up to lately?

In the month of March the opportunity opened up for me to go home from YWAM for a five week vacation. I took

the opportunity as I felt that is where God wanted me and I was missing everyone back home! So I visited home, got super refreshed and encouraged by everyone! It was a big blessing to be back home for that

little while. So thank you to everyone who encouraged me at that time, had coffee with me and hungout.

On June 27th I jumped back on the plane and flew back to Switzerland! The flight was easy and coming back to Davos felt natural. The jetleg was way harder than usual for whatever reason though.

I had about a week to recover, finish some projects I had started before I had left for home and figure out what had changed in the kitchen since I had been on vacation.

Shortly after being back we started our German A1 language course. We as a ministry feel it's really important to be able to speak the language of the locals so we can communicate to everyone in a language they understand. We are also excited to serve the community better and to be able to volunteer in more events using the language.

I currently have two weeks left until I have completed my A1 German language course. I feel like I have learnt so much in this time! This is my first ever language I've tried to learn and it takes a totally different part of your brain. I have been

doing pretty well and it's been fun to communicate with a few people. I'm going to continue to learn this language with personal studies after the course is done. Trying to just get more into the community using it!

Looking Forward

  • We are running a Discipleship Bible School (DBS) starting

on September 28th! This has been a huge blessing still being able to get students and staff from other countries to be a part of this school and I'm so excited to see what will happen in it. I will mainly be involved in that school by running the kitchen, shopping and budgeting and all that happens regarding food. I will not be involved in running the

school though as myself and other staff will be preparing to run the Discipleship Training School in January 2021.

  • Volunteer events are opening up and being made possible again. We have had cancellations due to covid but in September it looks like we can start again!

Prayer points

  • In September I've gotten the opportunity to volunteer and join with YWAM Milano in Italy. They have asked if I and some others would like to volunteer as bodyguards at Fashion week. YWAM Milano does a lot of ministry work in the fashion business and this could be a very cool opportunity to serve that YWAM base and spread the Gospel in the fashion industry. This is something I'm not really involved in but would be a cool experience.

  • The DBS runs in September, mainly for more students to be interested in getting to know the Bible better and taking the course.

  • Wisdom for me in running the kitchen, budget, and everything regarding food here in Davos. It has

been challenging to get back into the flow of things ever since vacation back in Manitoba.

-|Thanks so much, Lucas

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