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This month started off with the last two weeks of learning german. So I'm happy to say I'm A1 certified now in the german language. It's been such a blessing to learn another language. Being able to have simple conversations with people in town or just ask where certain things are in the grocery store has been super cool. Making this place feel more like home. I'm excited to continue learning the language to better serve the people of Davos, the place God has called me to!


While the discipleship training school is not running at the moment, Christian (another staff on base that runs the DTS with me) and myself felt it in our hearts to start a local ministry in town. It started as a bit of a dream but now is turning into a reality! We have a local friend from Davos running this ministry with us and will be starting it within the month of September.

We want to make a young adults group in Davos that anyone can come join, have some fun nights and just build community. Creating something for the young people of Davos that is missing in town. Something fun that draws people together, having fun and just being able to unwind from everyday life. This is a bit scary to not know the outcome but we want to love the people of Davos well, spread the love of Christ and we feel this is how God is calling us to do so.


Opportunities are opening up for volunteering again and we have been on it! This is something I never did in Canada but such a rewarding thing to be a part of. Just giving up your “free time” and saying that you will work together to help an event run. More events are happening and we will be there! Just wanted to write this paragraph to encourage you to volunteer if you have the chance or help someone in need, you can be a light and bring joy to people's day by helping for free and doing it with a smile!

Prayer points

  • Staying here for longer than a year requires me giving up my Manitoba drivers license and getting a Swiss driver's license. Nothing here is cheap so prayer for continuing to gain supporters to support the mission God has called me to would be amazing.

  • Prayer for the growth of the ministry YWAM Davos is a part of. We have a new school starting in October so prayer for wisdom in running that and for more students to sign up!

  • Prayer for the new ministry starting that I'm a part of in Davos.

  • Prayer in running the Kitchen.

  • Prayer to help my brain to continue to learn the local language as I do self studies now that the course is over.

Thank you all so much for reading and being a part of the mission God has called me to! I appreciate everyone so much!

-Thanks so much, Lucas

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