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An Unexpected Journey

Thanks to everyone for having patience in waiting for this update! December and January have been a couple wild months and I could not put out an update as I didn't know what I could even update everyone on. It was a very uncertain time but as we as a ministry have pressed into the Lord, plans for this year have become more clear and I'm excited to be able to update you on everything that has been happening!


The month of December was a bit of a roller coaster to be honest. With restrictions in Switzerland continuing to become more and more strict the team here had to trust the Lord with everything. We felt to not let the world or covid scare us into taking away the calling God has for us. One of them being to run discipleship training schools, mobilizing young people into being mission minded and equipping them in that with this school. We continued to plan, work towards getting the visa’s needed to have the students come, and plan how the program would look. During this covid time we knew that it would look different but we knew that the Lord could move even with things looking different than usual. Coming up to Christmas we had to submit to the government our covid protocol, explaining to them how we could run such a school during this time. Twenty four hours later they got back to us saying our school didn't pass any regulations to have it running and in that the government saying we are not allowed to run a school during this time. It was a tough time going into Christmas break with that bomb getting dropped on us as a team. The first six months of the new year just fell through.

In good news we got to send the Discipleship Bible School team off to Mexico with no problems!

We started off the new year with a trip to visit some friends from SFC (snowboarders and skiers for Christ) in Thun, Switzerland. It was a great trip to hangout again with some friends and make new friends!

New year

So what's next? Where do we go now that Christmas vacation is done, new years is done, ‘I'm called to be a missionary’ I thought to myself. Training up young people to go into missions and disciple them in that - taking young people all over the world to go do missions and spread the Gospel! The first two weeks took everyone in YWAM Davos into a deep process with God. spending lots of time in prayer, worship, and time alone with God. asking Him “what's next? Where am I called? Do I stay?”. Hatching from these hard times and processing with God are a lot of new beautiful things and opportunities! The ministry of YWAM Davos and what God has done here will NOT be shaken, and we will not sit still.

God has opened doors and I will not be explaining every new thing happening here in this update but will continue to update everyone as new things unfold. But I would love to let everyone know what this year will roughly look like for me!

On February 3rd I will be flying into Canada to take my vacation for this year. For roughly 5-6 weeks I’ll be back in Manitoba. We’ll see how covid holds up haha. But after vacation I will be heading to Italy! With no DTS running at our YWAM base this year I heard God telling me that I'm still called to grow in leadership and discipleship with young people. I felt God calling me to help serve in a YWAM base in Italy, called YWAM Trentino. I quickly called them up as I know the family who run that base. I got in contact with the girl who is organizing the DTS and asked if they would still need staff to run the school coming up in April? The answer was yes! And after the team in Trentino prayed about accepting me to staff in the upcoming DTS, God told them yes as well. To accept me as a staff in that school. So in April I'll be in Italy for three months and then from there leading a mission trip into a country that is still to be decided. With that school ending in September I'll be heading back to serve in Davos.

I've currently been offered the chance to lead the SFDTS in 2022, being in

charge of the school and the staff team running it. This would add a lot more responsibility for me and time into the school. In taking this opportunity the Leadership team in Davos would like me to commit for another two years of serving this ministry to be able to build up the school really well and give myself a great chance to grow in leading young people. I am seriously considering this opportunity and will let you all know when I know!

God has been growing me so much in this time of uncertainty. But with Jesus as our rock and comforter we cannot be shaken. Nothing surprises

the Lord, and His will for us is good. Great things will happen this year and the Gospel will be shared and spread into the nations by young people who only fear one thing in the world, and it's not covid. It’s the Lord, excited to see the kingdom of God come to earth and not waiting for it to come to us!

Thank you so much to everyone praying for me and supporting me financially. In doing that you're in the missions field with me, making these things possible and doing the will of the Lord.

God bless and happy new year! Looking forward to taking you all along in the journey!

-Lucas Kroeker

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