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Recap 2022

What a Year!

In the year 2022 I was blessed to see many prodigal sons return home, hearing the Gospel and coming back to the love of the Father. Hearing that in the Kingdom of God you don't need to earn acceptance, it's freely given to all who would like to receive. The invitation of Jesus is always available, for everyone, no matter who you are. The invitation to come home from a God that loves you so much and is waiting for you to accept His invitation. He doesn't call the perfect but those who know they need help. I am eternally grateful I heard this message and accepted the invitation of Jesus, and I share this at the start of the news letter to encourage you too. The invitation is always there.

Now the year 2022 wasn't a record year for updating this missions blog and informing all my friends and supporters about what God has been doing in the life of others and in myself. I'd like to leave a recap of the year here for all to have a little slice of the end of the year before I bring you along into the year 2023 with me where God has already been doing great things!


This year was a year of trust and faith. Learning that God is truly trustworthy and faithful to the very end. Leading a DTS was definitely walking out on the waters for me, but it was where God wanted to take me. To a place where I cannot trust in myself but solely on Him, where actually I should always be. In learning to trust Him in the big things I've learnt to trust in the little things and in the day to day as well.

During the Aspire DTS I was so encouraged to see the hunger each and every student had for the Lord and to seek Him for truly who He is. This generation is something so special. They're done pretending or faking things, no they want the truth and a conviction of what the REAL truth is. This excites me a lot and I saw it so much in the group of young people I was blessed to have in my life for the 6 months of the DTS.

God did a lot of work personally in each student and staff including myself. The topic of God's grace I'd say was a big one for this DTS. There are multiple topics we go over in the school, but I felt that this one was one that was underlying in most weeks and what God continued to grow us in as a school. How we have freely received the gift of the Gospel and that when we are under the Lordship of Jesus, it's no longer we who define ourselves but God has made us new and now defines who we are in Jesus. We are free, we are loved! No condemnation.

It was beautiful to see all of us growing in the love and power of God by knowing Him more. The team carried this so well onto the outreach phase of the school - going to Albania, Egypt and having a team in Italy as well. Many people heard the invitation of life that Jesus brings, simply by us being open and allowing God to send us where He'd like us and share His heart with others. It was really encouraging to come together as a school and share the testimonies of what has all happened during the missions trips and heart about how many people heard the good news!

God has shown me the power of community this year and the power of sharing our needs and allowing Him, our loving Father in heaven to take care of them. I'd like to share with you this poem Inspired during a time of processing that I had with God.

Community: a poem of gratitude

Stretch yourself my child, beyond your capacity Allow growth to flow in the blessing of community

Let down your walls and express vulnerability It takes nothing away from who you were made to be Community enables you to be wild and free Fully present, fully seen Break free from the mold of false maturity that tells you to build a life of individuality Let go Allow yourself to be held Share yourself with others, you have something to give Share yourself with others, they have something to give.

In conclusion...

In 2022 I was blessed to see people compelled by the love of God to share the good news with the least, the last and the lost... something that has gripped my heart. Something that will be a part of the ministry God has called me to in the year 2023! More to come :)

Romans 5v13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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