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Trailblazers Chapter Three

A willingness to go, where no one wants to go for the sake of the Kingdom of God. To proclaim good news to all and bring an invitation to a new life.

In this update on life I'll be sharing about the Trailblazer DTS. A Discipleship Training school with the heart to reach the unreached. with a willingness to go where no one wants to go.

Returning home

Coming back from our schools one week mission trips we had some fresh inspiration of what missions looked like practically. Arco felt like coming home now for the school after having been traveling for the last two weeks. We we're excited for what was to come next. Having five more weeks of lectures before the big outreach to our two different nations.

Speaking about going to the nations I have a CRAZY testimony to share with you!

So as the school leader I always make sure all the students passports are up to date and things are in order so we have no issues while traveling for our outreach phase of the school. I thankfully also remembered to check mine and turns out I wouldn't be able to go on the outreach phase of the school if I didn't get a new passport! I was so busy prepping the school I had forgotten to renew my passport, so now I needed to receive a new Canadian passport. While living in Italy, "this should be fun" I though to myself. I felt as if I put it off until the last minute because this task seemed so big and like it wouldn't be easy. All the websites I checked and emails I sent didn't bring clarity on how to do this. So I had to trust God that He would provide right when I need. So after doing my best research I mailed away my passport to the Canadian embassy in Rome. Asking them for a new passport and I paid extra money so that my mail would be secure. Also with this I'd be notified when my passport is received. I never received a notification...I felt like God asked me not to pay extra for the express passport but to save my money and trust He'd bring it to me on time. But rest assured God always gave peace while I prayed about it that He would bring it to me when I needed it. I had booked flights already without a passport in faith that I'd receive it before I needed to travel. Sure enough! When I had come home to Arco from the two weeks of traveling in Italy with the school my new passport was in the mail waiting for me. Praise God!! This was such an answer to prayer and proof that when God speaks He always provides. He is faithful.


Anyways, being back at Ywam Trentino, in Arco, we had three weeks of lectures before we flew to Albania for two more weeks of lectures! Then from Albania we'd fly to central Asia for outreach. Below I'll list the topics we had and a highlight from the teaching teach week!

  1. Identity & Calling Highlight: God is very committed to our growth and wellbeing. He's willing to put in the work but the question to ourselves is, are we willing to meet Him their?

  2. Gods heart for the Nations Highlight: For me the highlight comes from a little side tangent our speaker shared on trusting God and he said "knowing the outcome eliminates the need for faith". So often we want to know how things will end before we start, but we're called to be people of faith so that means trusting and moving before we know what the end will look like.

  3. Relationships & Sexuality Highlight: The importance on having a foundation of GRACE in all relationships in life is so key I learnt this week. The tree in the garden of Eden call the 'tree of the knowledge of good and evil' brought guilt and shame, but the tree of life brings life and love. Bring people into an awareness of the tree of life and don't make people eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in your relationships.


Travel day!

Two weeks before we left for the outreach missions trip we left to Albania, continuing our lectures their. We usually do this as Albania is a strategic place for us as a ministry, a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Also it's out of a certain region which affects non-europeans who have a 90 day tourist visa for Europe.

Teaching in class

While preparing this school I was challenged/invited to teach a full week of lectures. This was something completely new for me! I had though a few hours but never a full twelve hour learning week for the Discipleship Training School! I had no idea how I'd do it either since leading the school was already enough for me. While I prayed for God to take this opportunity away from me because I was so nervous to do it, I always felt God confirming that I should teach for the week. So coming to Albania I was prepared to teach, maybe not all my notes but my heart was ready! And this I would say would be a big take away for me, God is looking for hearts who are willing to say yes, even if its scary. He wants to move on earth and He has chosen us, His sons & daughters to be a way of Him moving on earth!

So I taught on Fear of the Lord and here's a take away for you:

Fear of the Lord has A LOT to do with being in Awe of who God is. Awe being that feeling of wonder and mystery you have when you watch a sunset or seeing something beautiful that takes your breath away. This world has so many distractions that distract us from being in awe. So then question is: Whats stealing your awe? And how can you make time in life to be in awe of God?

Last week of lectures before going on outreach

Trailblazing, this week was a weeks teaching inspiring us to go and finish the great commission! To do this we need to be willing to go where no one else is going to share the love of God with people who have never heard. We need to then be a


I'll leave it at that for this letter. The next letters will be about our school going into the nations and making ways for the Lord! To come, move and be known.

Thanks for reading this part three of the update of the Trailblazer DTS! Chapter four coming soon.

Also if you ever want to reach out to me and here more or just be in touch feel free to message me on WhatsApp +39 347 511 1755 or email me at

Blessings, Lucas

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