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November 2020

November Newsletter

Fall cleaning

The start of the month began with a quick change over preparing the base for winter time to come! Putting away our summer stuff and getting

ready for the winter season to come!

Western European staff gathering

Every year the staff who lead DTS (discipleship training schools) in western Europe have a gathering and go through a seminar. Hearing teachings and getting stoked up

on the mission and school God has called us to run! We got to hear teachings from multiple amazing people from all over the world. Including Darlene Cunningham (one of the founders of Ywam) reminding all of us young people running these schools that “we have the absolute greatest privilege in the world, we get to train future world changers, and we get to have some little part”. What an absolute blessing! It really got me excited to be able to be a part and disciple this next upcoming school. I'm always excited but that really got me excited! To hear from one of the founders and after 60 years she is still so excited about the mission! So refreshing.

Rest of November

Life comes with all of it's ups and downs. I have been really inspired by the Bible this month and that has been an up. I've had a new revelation of what Jesus means when he says in Matthew 26v41 “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”. I'll try to explain it but it is a tough one to explain over text. Do you ever have the desire to do something really nice for someone, or think in your head “man I would love to read my Bible more, or spend more time in prayer”. That's the Holy Spirit inside of you being willing! Jesus tells us that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Oftentimes it is so much easier to be weak than strong because it requires more effort to be strong. It takes action and commitment, sometimes sacrifice. But in knowing the Character of who God is, when His Spirit prompts us to something we can come expectantly and in joy knowing that it will be a good time or thing that He has called us to. That's been a really cool thing the Lord has been teaching me this month, to push through the weakness of the flesh and be willing because of the Spirit.

A down that has come this month is that covid has sadly only gotten worse in switzerland. Turning the whole Ywam Base into a sort of shut down mode. Masks are now required in the house we all live in, only while in the flat upstairs can we take it off with the 5 people I'm living with. But if I am to mingle with the DBS school that is running now it requires a mask, meals times we must sit separated in our households and it just feels like there is a disconnect in the community. Living in a house with 14 people but being pretty limited to just being with 5 people unless you want to connect through talking with a mask and being distanced which is a complicated thing to navigate I’ve found.

With the new restrictions that have come in we are still working towards planning the DTS here in Davos Switzerland. Holding it with open hands and trusting God for it to happen, full of faith! We are working hard for it and going into December starting to nail things down, setting plans in motion to give the upcoming DTS the best Discipleship Training School possible in the year 2021.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers. I appreciate them greatly and it really encourages me to fight the good fight! Pushing towards Matt 28v19, pursuing the great commission!

-Blessings, Lucas Kroeker

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