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Back in Switzerland

I've made it to the mission field! This will be a shorter blog update but I want to thank everyone who has been and continues to pray for me. I've felt such an unexplainable peace about this mission God has placed on me and that is the only kind of peace that can come from Jesus. 

Before leaving, I was able to share with the church what God has done in my life through my YWAM experience and how he has a plan for me to go back and serve.

  I made an announcement at church that this would be my last Sunday here and thanking everyone for the encouragement and support. After announcing that I was blessed with even more prayer and encouragement! Thank you church family, I'm incredibly thankful to have such a close church family like Riverton Gospel Chapel. I feel like it's a solid representation of how God intended the church to be.

Entry into Switzerland went smoothly, last time I was pulled into customs and questioned but this time just a scan of my passport and a “welcome to Switzerland” from the nice security guard. After the airport it was time to figure out how to take a train into Davos. Last time I had friends and people who spoke German at my disposal to help me figure it out, but this time it was just me.  But I was not alone, I felt the presence of God in my travels, making everything smooth as I went along. I even accidentally double booked a train ticket so instead of $56CHF I paid $112CHF. The first train I took, the officer who checks tickets on the train informed me of this, right then and there he handed me $56CHF and laughed with me knowing it was an honest mistake! 

Thank you again to everyone who has been supporting me in prayer, encouragement and finances. I look forward to bringing you along with me on the mission God has placed on my heart!

-Lucas K

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