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The weeks are flying by! Since that last newsletter we have had four more weeks of lectures and some really amazing topics with teachers who are well experienced as well. The topics that have been shared on since the last update are Relationships, The Person and Work of Jesus, Identity and Calling, and Holy Spirit. Each week has a highlight of its own, with each topic being so big I could probably write pages for each one explaining what happened each week.

Fully God and Human?

I'll share a few highlights from these weeks and some big takeaways. In the week about the person and work of Jesus we went through multiple scriptures about who Jesus is. Most of the time when we talk about Jesus we see and talk about the fact that He was fully God and we focus less on the fact that He was also fully human. The importance of both is huge! I think the biggest breakthrough for

students was the focus on Jesus also being fully human. As it says in Galatians 4v4 “”but when the set time had come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law”. To conquer death once and for all He sent His Son to be born a natural birth. From a human woman so that He could be born under the law to overcome the law. Oftentimes we see Jesus as being fully God so in that sense it takes away the side of Him being able to fully relate with every struggle, question and thought we have. But Jesus can. He experienced life as fully human as well here on earth! So when we have emotions or face hardships He can relate because He was on earth and experienced life!


Another highlight I would say is when we were having our teaching on Identity and Calling. We were going through how to gain status or acceptance in the world and how that affects how we see ourselves.

In the world there is a cycle that people start from. In a normal situation you start with performance, to prove yourself to others. Then after performance you start to gain status, people see you, your hard work and you start to feel good about yourself. Once you have status you get some provision, maybe a raise in your job or even getting offered better jobs to go higher up in a company. After this provision you feel accepted, people like you and you're happy with yourself because you've worked hard, got your own money and made your own status. Now the

cycle starts again! Needing to perform to build your status more, have more provision and feel accepted again. Performance-status-provision-acceptance. But that's not how it works with God! With God you start from a place of acceptance, Romans 5v17 (CEV): “Death ruled like a king because Adam had sinned. But that cannot compare with what Jesus Christ has done. God has been so kind to us, and he has accepted us because of Jesus. And so we will live and rule like kings.” Realising in our identity that we start from a place of acceptance is so important! It frees us from having to perform to prove ourselves because we know that we are accepted by God. His love is so great we don't have to prove ourselves or strive for others to accept us. From a place of acceptance we are provided for by the Father, taking care of our every need. He gives us our status as sons and daughters of Christ. The deeper you go with knowing God the more you see what He says about you and what He thinks of you. It's amazing! Knowing that you're accepted, provided for and have your status in Christ leads you naturally to a place of performance. Wanting to serve others and God. This happens because you are filled with the joy and love of God and it's a natural response.


Looking back at the past month it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. God has been showing me a lot about my identity. Who He has made me to be, how He has made me and how I can be confident in what He has called me to. I realise that I sometimes feel the need to rush into things, or hurry up so that I can get to the good stuff or where I'd like to be. But God has been showing me and reminding me to enjoy where I am right now, in life, my relationship with Him and more.

Enjoy where I am in life because life will move forward. I will go forward and grow with God and be taken into new places, meeting new people and having new experiences. So then being where I am right now, with the people I'm with and ministry He has me doing God is reminding me to take time to enjoy it. Everyone here is so special and unique, every opportunity I have is so great! Sometimes I can get so caught up on where I'd like to be but God is reminding me to enjoy where I'm at right now and still look forward and be excited for where He is taking me. So I'd like to remind and encourage everyone reading this newsletter, enjoy where you are right now, enjoy the day and things you have. Be excited about where you're going as well but don't get stuck in the future, you might miss out on the present! God is good right now, and in the future. Enjoy His goodness everyday where you're at in life, and His goodness will be in your future as well so that's something to look forward to!

Also we have decided as a team that the mission trip we will be going to as a school will be in Costa Rica! We will be going for eight weeks at the end of June. I'm super excited for this opportunity to be able to share the good news in the nations! I will be leading with another staff member Elisabetta. The two of us will be going with six students and we are super excited to see how God will move! We are in the planning phase and need to do it fast as we leave in roughly three weeks. Please be praying for this!

Prayer Requests

  • More energy for the weeks

  • The mission trip to Costa Rica! Safety and guidance

  • Health for staff and students

  • Boldness

  • Growth in financial support

  • More ministry opportunities in Arco (the city we live in)

Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to send me a message to connect if you have any questions on the missions I'm a part of or if you have prayer requests or would like to connect! I'm open!

Whatsapp: +41 77 508 42 50


-Blessings, Lucas k.

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